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Decor Ideas

Mantel of Color
This project will depend on your home interior and style.  I used color brought flare to my room and tied my kitchen and living areas together.  To create the look paint the bottom of the mantel the darker of the two colors (depending on your color it may take several coats) you choose and the top will be painted the lighter of your two colors. I would recommend using an interior satin to semi-gloss finish.  I just happened to have flat finish wall color left over from an earlier project and used it. Once the paint was dry and cured for several hours, I sealed the mantel with a satin finish polycrylic. Once the polycrylic cured overnight I added the words which are wall decals.  The entire project cost me $0 because I had everything on hand. If all materials need to be purchased it would be between $50-$100 depending on your paint brand and painting tools needed. Enjoy!

Framed Monogram

 What you need:
Textured scrapbook paper

1. Select frame to match your decor
2. Remove glass from frame and use to outline shape onto paper
3. Cut paper along parameter of outline created
4. Use marker to draw the initial of your last name (may want to draft with pencil)
5. Frame and display

Apple Candles

1. With apple sitting on flat surface use a tea light candle and place on center of apple

2. Use pencil to trace an impression of candle so you will know the size of the area that needs to be removed. 

3. Use parring knife or craft knife to cut along the impression you traced. 

4. Scoop center from apple (don't remove too much depth of apple, you can always adjust later) and place tea light candle in opening.  You may need to adjust the center depth of apple.

My apple candles displayed 

Pumpkin Pot

1. Pick pumpkin size of you choice. 

2. Remove center by cutting around stem in a circular shape

3. Clean the inside of the pumpkin

4. Line with foil 

5. Fill pumpkin about 1/2 - 3/4 with potting soil

6. Add flower of your choice, and top off with soil if needed.

Tip - If you are using a larger pumpkin and displaying outside, you may want to add a drainage (cut small hole in bottom of pumpkin and make sure to go through foil lining as well) for excess rain water.  

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