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When It Doesn’t Go As Planned, What Do You Do?

Has this happened to you? You find a topic, program, company, business idea or something that excites you. I mean, not only do you do a double take; you stop and gawk.

Passion rises up. You get filled with amazing confidence so you head out to share this awesome thing with others.  With all this passion and excitement you are assured of great victory.  There is no way you can fail. People everywhere will be on board. This is simply amazing!

Then, you show up, share,  and realize nobody gets it.  Some people in fact are passionate about something completely opposite.

What do you?

Really I am asking what you do. I want to hear your stories. 

Comment below.

Free From Condemnation

(Picture via Pinterest & Proverbs 31 Ministries ) 

If you have been condemned or felt unworthy to live out your life’s purpose, then you need to read this.

Let me start by saying that I understand.

Several years ago, I felt the sting of condemnation. It was a very dark time in life that I never planned for. In the midst of the darkness, I choked. I made some decisions that weren't God honoring. In my honest spirit, I made strives to own my mistakes and find resolve. Instead, Satan worked overtime. A bigger mess was made of the situation and my heart. 

It was at this time that words were spoken to me that said I would never be allowed to minister in my called capacity again.  I conceited. This person whom I respected, followed, and fought for was right. God would never use me.

I quickly stopped caring. I didn't have the energy or desire to fight the battle. And I certainly didn't care how others perceived me which, for a season, spawned a reckless and bitter woman.

Although the words and thoughts of condemnation often repeated in my mind, there was one thing that I couldn't escape. That was God’s love.

Don’t get me wrong I fought it. I have told Him how horrible I was. I recalled all my life’s failures one by one and often have gone back to the list to add more.

I cried out, “I’m unworthy.” 

He responded, “But I am perfect. I died for you. In your weakness, I am strong.”

Hear me when I say, the journey has been long. Not because God wasn't ready, but because I wasn't ready to believe Him. I chose to listen to condemnation. Thoughts that told me that although my God could conquer the grave, there was no way He could restore me.

Then I was reminded of two men. Moses and Peter.

Moses was a murderer. Yet God restored him, used him, and let glory shine through him.

Peter walked with Jesus. He saw the miracles. Listened to the teachings. Yet in a time of darkness, Peter denied Christ. Not once, but three times. 

What happened? After the resurrection, Jesus came to Peter, restored him, and told him to minister to the people (if you love me, feed my sheep). The result? In one day about 3,000 people believed in Christ because of Peter’s obedience to minister.

I am tired of living without purpose, aren't you? I mean we certainly have it. We have just chosen to believe that we can’t fulfill it.  We have chosen to believe that our shortcomings are stronger than God’s glory.  

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. 
Romans 8:1 (NLT)

It’s time to hear truth. Allow Jesus to pursue you, restore you, and use you to fulfill His calling on your life.

In a New Season of Life? This May Help.

(Pic via Pinterest)

Relational development isn't my strength, but I’m working on it.

Most commonly, I am a person driven by accomplishment.  I love to do lists and checking off tasks as I go. It empowers me. It excites me. It energizes me.  I am not afraid of hard work and most of the time choose the hands-on tasks. I don’t mind getting dirty or trying to figure out the best route.

Figuring out friendships is a challenge.  Although I don’t have an agenda to selfishly gain, I still feel the need to accomplish something tangible. Thoughts and desires such as: What can we team up and do together? What can we learn from each other?  How can I serve you and make a difference? Is my time being well spent? What value is this adding to my family?

The balance between measurable accomplishment and relational development has left me in an unfamiliar place.  The rules have changed. For the time being, it is isn't about charting my progress on a to do list.  It is about what is happening on a level that isn't as easily measured. It’s about personal growth and development. Changes that can’t always been seen in the moment and can’t always be shared with the world.  It’s nothing that I can boast about or display a metal of accomplishment for. It is a quite change that requires confidence and trust in something much higher than myself.

And for me that confidence and trust hasn't come easily. It has been a battle. I want to be in control. I want to plan the route and watch it lead me into the promise. I want to say because of my hard work and wisdom, I have an abundant life. I want to be found worthy of success.

Here’s the problem: I have been more wrapped up in how people view me rather than how God can be famous through me. I have been striving to prove my worth rather than being confident in Christ. I had decided that work profits more than obedience to God.  Basically it boils down to a heart issue. The issue is that I would rather have self-glory than giving God glory.

As I have shifted from the comforts of an accomplishment driven life to learning more about relational development, I have felt lost. Each day I show up and put in work. A different type of work. Methods that I don’t understand and don’t seem to payoff. Yet I try to be obedient to Lord. Sometimes grudgingly obedient, not completely trusting His way. And yet it has happened. God has poured out encouragement, support, and finances from the most unlikely places.  He has made sense of the senselessness. He has shown evidence that my help truly comes from the Him, and it is better than anything that I could create in and of myself. I am learning to trust His ways rather than the voices that tell me to keep striving because I am not enough.

The revelation isn't complete. There is still so much work to be done in me, but it’s not about me. This is why I am sharing. It’s about the glory of God. He should be lifted high.

If you are constantly striving trying to find purpose in and of yourself, it’s time to stop. Seek the Lord, He will guide you. He will be your refuge and strength. He is the creator and giver of the heart’s desires. Lift up your eyes and find your help!

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

We Need You. Will You Do Something?

In a post about comparisons I referred to a tipped scale. It is where we measure ourselves against others and it results in inaccurate conclusions. Today let’s further that and talk about why we have strengths. It’s a simple concept and will only take a moment. Our gifts and talents are there so that we can help others!

Did you catch that? Help others!

So in reality if we truly focused our strengths on helping others then comparisons could fade away. We would find unity. A community in which we all pooled our strengths to make things and people better. And our weaknesses? Oh yeah, those. They wouldn't scream so loudly because we would be focused on using our strengths. Plus the weaknesses we have would covered by the strengths around us.

How can you help someone today? How can you get out and do something to make a difference? 

A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. 1 Corinthians 12:7