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Live For Fame

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Do you want to famous?

Jon Acuff, author and speaker, shared a story about his desire for fame. He said that he once found himself praying, “God make me famous.”

The prayer was answered like this. “The Creator of the universe knows your name. How much more famous can you get.”

This story has stuck with me for a while. I use it often to remind myself of who I am. I tell others the story to remind them of who they are. This idea will even be used as my husband and I kickoff our 2014 season of Cool Table Ministries.

Then there is this idea which is a lyric from Hillsong United’s song, “Go”: We offer our lives to bring You fame.

As I sang this during worship on Sunday, the first thought that came to mind was ‘Your life has so many failures, flaws, and falls. You will never bring God fame. You are miserable. Not good enough. People won’t listen.’

Then I was remind that I am free in Christ. It was time to practice living in that freedom.

The thought process changed: ‘In myself and left to my own devices, I will never bring God fame. That’s why I need Him so desperately. His fame isn't dependent on what I have done apart from Him. It is the amazing work that He has done. Redemption, restoration, forgiveness, healing, grace, mercy, loving kindness. That is how God is famous through my life!  He has never left my side. He is a rock and refuge. A present help in a time of need. He is trustworthy. His works should be proclaimed from generation to generation. I am free. I will chose to live free.’

Where are you? Have you heard the same voices that tell you that you are unlovable, not good enough. Will you make a choice to start (or continue) the process of learning to live free?

How has God been in famous in your life?

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