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My Husband is a Jerk and My Dog is Dumb

My husband is a jerk, and my dog is dumb. Catch you off guard?

Yeah me too. As I was thinking of the great things in my life those are two very strange things that popped into my head. Obviously no one wants to be married to a jerk or have a dumb dog. At our house however these two phrases have become words of endearment. 

Clearly this is not a family counseling blog. Please do not take this technique and try it at home.

My husband and I have a very humorous relationship. I do not really believe that he is a jerk.  It is normally in the times he makes the most sense or is the sweetest that the word jerk comes into play. It is our special way that says your right, you have out done yourself. Now of course that is not the only way we communicate. That would just be weird. We use it at random moments to keep things a little less sappy.  Or when we prefer not to say “You’re right. I’m less right.”

Our dog? Well you see the picture. He is a small fluffy white Maltese. I have never been an animal lover. My husband didn't want a lap dog. Somehow this little guy has made his way into our family. He doesn't understand the value of personal space. Most of the time he is curled up on one of us. If we aren't available, he has his head propped up on a pillow somewhere looking well “dumb”. Okay, so that’s just the word we have chosen to keep cute from slipping out of our mouths. It wouldn't be acceptable because I am not an animal lover and my husband prefers big manly dogs.

Now before you get offended, the truth is we care very well for this little guy. And yes we love him. We just have a strange way of expressing it.

Here’s the point: Thinking about these two different scenarios made me realize that sometimes we take life way too seriously. I’m not suggesting we abandon responsibility and head for Vegas. We could learn to loosen up a little. Laugh more. Find a safe place to express humor that the rest of the world doesn't get.  Doing this will be a great help on the freedom journey.

Where could your life use a little laughter right now? 

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