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Your Story Makes You Who You Are - Use It Well

I think a lot about the words I share in this blog. My desire is to share thoughts to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to live a life free from whatever entangles you.

The "live free" result that we are working for is an exciting thing. The path to it however, is sometimes a challenge.

Each one of us have a story. We have a past that has sculpted who we are today. We have a future that is filled with hope of who will can become.

The tree below has a story as well. It is a story that I had written a time ago. I want to share it again because it is still relevant for us today.


Here is a small excerpt from that post:

Could it be when we become stripped from all that we think makes us safe it is actually the point when we have the greatest ability to standout and make a difference? Is it when the beauty of what is underneath becomes visible that we truly have a platform for success?

Read the entire post here. You'll understand why I no longer see just a tree but rather "the tree".

Embrace your journey and find the treasure along the way.

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