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Ditch Perfectionism Choose Excellence Instead.

In a in previous post, I encouraged you to join me as we learn to let go of perfection and embrace progress.  It was a war cry for you and me to move forward in life and make an impact even as we are in process ourselves. There is one more point I would like to make. Being released from perfectionism isn't a buy out to be sloppy. Instead, it is a call for excellence. After all, I believe progress is excellence in motion.

Here are a few differences between excellence and perfectionism:

Excellence performs every task to the very best of its ability.
Perfectionism performs every task believing that no matter what, it is never good enough. 

Perfectionism lives in a constant comparison of external circumstances.
Excellence charts internal development. 

Excellence embodies growth and continual learning.
Perfectionism believes they are an indication of failure. After all, a perfect person lacks nothing.

Perfectionism leaves one discontent.
Excellence brings satisfaction.

You don’t have to be perfect. Be excellent instead.

Where can excellence provide balance in your life?


  1. "Embrace progress" really stood out to me. Sometimes I forget that I will ALWAYS be a work in progress. (((Hugs)))

  2. I love that you were able to take away something from the post! "Embrace progress" is definitely something that I have to remind myself often.