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A Leader in Chains

“How can you speak of freedom when you are still in chains?” – (question modified from a recent podcast at min 32:43-33:00.)

It was a question that riveted my soul.

I blog about living free yet I still have my own chains. Over time I have believed the lies that have said, “Just quit! You’ll never make a difference. You are filled with fears and inadequacies. No one will listen.”

I bet if you were honest, you have heard the same voices. I want to encourage you and me not to allow those voices to be the final word.

Let’s face it. We don’t have it all together. Chances are we never will. Don’t stop trying. Be great anyway.

So here is what I would say:
Understand that you CAN make a difference. There is someone somewhere in your life that you can speak encouragement to. There is someone that you can share your story with and spread hope.  I bet there is even someone that could use your leadership.

Focus on the small steps:
Live each day being better than the day before. Be a leader to those that are behind you. Be a student of those that are ahead of you. Make personal growth a priority. Learn to listen. Be gracious enough to share. 

I’ll leave you with this thought:
Nelson Mandela emerged from 27 years of prison and led his country to freedom from decades of racial and moral injustice. Never doubt that even in his chains he was leading. He led who he could where he was. Then one day a country was changed!

How will you inspire someone this week from where you are?  

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