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Progress Not Perfection

In my last post, A Leader in Chains, I shared with you a question that shook my world a little (okay a lot!). The part I left out was this: I didn't know until I heard those words that I was allowing my own chains to stop me.  

I just thought I was preparing for leadership. You know the “don’t share anything until you have it ALL right” mentality. Yeah that one that is also named fear! 

While waiting to figure out the key to life, I stopped writing. My desire to see people live a life of freedom never changed. I just didn't think that I could be a voice in that journey until I became “perfected”. Recognizing my own fault and knowing I too was fighting the battle for freedom, I laid down my passion and sulked. Yes I sulked! Don't act like you have never done it.

Although I practice what I write, it is just that – practice. Some days it’s beautiful.  Other days it’s sloppy. Then there are the days I think I lost the directions altogether. 

What I've realized is that I’ll never be perfect or complete in myself. That only happens through Christ. And the perfecting part is a process that takes a lifetime.

I can be better. I can be greater. And so can you.

Let’s agree to forget perfection. Let’s work on progress.

Progress propels you. Perfectionism stalls you. Perfectionism keeps you set on everything that will go wrong. It never boasts about what can go right. 

You can’t afford to be stalled. You have a story to tell. You have a life to change. You have a dream to realize.

What will you do this week to seek progress rather than perfection?

Be sure to check out what I share on striving for excellence.  

Send a friend here to be encouraged as well. 

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