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Let's Get Real - Who Are you Really?

My last blog post received the largest number of reads of any post I have to date. That’s right a whopping 144 views. Not impressed? I understand. I wasn't either until I changed my perspective.

In all honesty, I haven’t written since that post and wasn't sure that I would. Then I realized the story continues. There is more to share. My blog and my life is a process not a mere project that I can complete with a few simple steps.  Because life is a process, I think we can all use insight, challenge, and encouragement along the way.

So let’s go back to perspective. Although in the overall mega-blogging world 144 views may be laughable. In my world it’s actually pretty awesome. I gained an audience with 144 people and shared insight on a topic that would most likely not happened any time soon except through this blog.

Then there is the exponential perspective. If each reader of that particular post would share the ideas found with just two other people then the message reaches an additional 288 people. If that were to happen just once more, another 576 people would be impacted for a total of 1,008 people. Sharing at this pace would reach over 9,000 people in just 6 cycles.  These numbers may not show on Google Analytics (I’m sure Google still knows), but that is where I had to get real with myself. I had to know my goals and be confident in them!

This is what I found: I blog because I truly feel that I have something to share with others that can be of benefit to their lives and purposeful to mine. Although money is wonderful and we need it to get by in this life, it is not my motivation. When I pressure myself to run my blog with a “business” purpose, I fail! I am not trying to gain the massive influence like the great bloggers we know today: Seth Godin, Jon Acuff, or Michael Hyatt. I like small settings and hands on influence. Quite frankly the multitudes scare me! (Which is actually a realization that I embraced after listening to a Seth Godin podcast. The idea starts at minute 15:44.) At this stage in life I would rather lead 100 than a 100,000. I am okay with that.

Now before you judge me and believe that my dreams are too small remember my exponential perspective from above. My goal is to influence in such a way that lives are so drastically changed and leaders are produced who go out and spread the message in exponential form.  

You have leaders of the multitudes like I mentioned above (all of whom I love by the way!) and you have leaders of the few. When I finally got real with myself, I learned that my strength is helping to change the world a few people at a time.

So here it is, time to live in “real zone”! Are you ready to join me? Here is the journey.

What do you need to get real with yourself about today? What purpose is uniquely yours that you have avoided while trying to live a flashier one?

Freedom is found in knowing your strengths and weakness and learning to work accordingly
– Shante Kiefer

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