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Let the Journey Begin

December 26, 2013 marked one year since I began blogging. I started for a number of reasons, but my greatest desire was to inspire, encourage, and challenge others in everyday life.  To do this I started sharing stories and experiences that were tied to important lessons most of us could benefit from. Along the way a greater purpose was birthed.

On December 5, 2013 I made this declaration: “I have figured out my message to the world. It is Live Free! Free from guilt, shame, fear, and insecurities. Free to enjoy peace, love, and sound mind.”

Upon that declaration a #livefree word montage formed. This is the product of freedom:
To be free from everything that binds you: fear, doubt, guilt, shame, failure, judgement, condemnation. Learning to live in truth rather than opinion. Being reminded that you have to be the best you. Secure in the life you were created to live. Measuring success according to your purpose. Being greater each day. Continual learning and growth. Never know too much to quit being a student or too selfish to be a teacher. Esteeming others with great value and worth. Able to separate truth from lies. Not bound by past mistakes or failure. Able to learn and move forward with grace. Integrity in all things. Able to move past criticism and not dwell on mean people. Secure. Powerful. Influence. Leader. Servant. Putting down addictions. Free from a negative mind. Encourager. Confident. Gracious. Strong mind. Warrior. Free from stereotypes. Knowing your worth. Believing your worth. No longer bound by _______________. (fill in the blank).

 A life of fulfillment and purpose is possible, and it starts with freedom.

Will you join me on the journey as we learn how to live free?  We will be inspired and challenged to become all we were created to be while living with hope for the future.

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