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Parenting Fail 101

“Saint Patrick’s Day.  All things Irish, gold, and green. Green! Did you say green?”

Yes that was me as I sat in the car line to drop my children off for school on Monday, March 17, 2014 (complete date just so we can always pinpoint the exact day this epic fail occurred). Not one stitch of green between the two of them. Oh, the pinching and mischievous little Leprechauns that would be chasing them all through the day.

I had to prepare them for the worst. I confessed that I had forgotten until that moment about Saint Patrick’s Day. Furthermore, neither of them had chosen an outfit with even the tiniest spec of green.

When my son realized the mistake he was a little disappointed. He then asked, “Why did we need to wear green anyway?”

Great question! I mean it is Saint Patrick’s Day. Come on! Everybody wears green on Saint Patrick’s Day. We don’t ask questions. We just do it!

My answer as smooth as butter (all natural, organic, unsalted butter that it), “I don’t really know. I know that Saint Patrick is credited with telling the people of Ireland about Jesus, but I don’t know about the green.” 

I’m not saying that green isn't significant. I am just saying that I truly and completely don’t have an answer.

So let’s recap: I forgot about Saint Patrick’s Day, sent my children to school with no green, and couldn't answer a simple question about the color green. And they were almost late even though they were up and ready early!

There you have it my friend - Parenting Fail 101!  

Smile and have a great day because together we are learning to live free even through the mistakes! 


  1. Great response to your son's question!!!! No parenting fail from where I am sitting. Great

  2. Christel thanks so much. It was all I had. I still felt bad for not having them wear green. I almost took clothes back to school, but then had to realize what was really important :) First is the relationship I have with my kids. Second is that it is okay for them to see me make mistakes.