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Be Stripped Away. Let the Real You Shine.


While out running last fall, I came across a tree that caught my attention. Among the many gray leafless trees stood one pure white. I stopped running to take a closer look. Initially I thought that someone had defaced the tree with paint. As I got closer I realized that it had just been stripped. The bark was gone. This may have come by the strong winds that we recently had or maybe just time. Whatever the cause, all I could see was what had been left. A beautiful eye catching story stood before me, and the message it gave intrigued me. 

Could it be when we become stripped from all that we think makes us safe it is actually the point when we have the greatest ability to standout and make a difference? Is it when the beauty of what is underneath becomes visible that we truly have a platform for success?

Maybe safety has evaded you lately or maybe the thought of plunging into the unknown has you paralyzed with fear. Consider the tree, and let the thought settle within... this could be your moment to shine; your time to make a difference.

Maybe you are hiding under the shell of what you think you should be or what others think you should be. Hurt, rejection, failure or a number of other things could have caused you to pull the cloak over yourself and never again allow it to be stripped away. Again I say, consider the tree, when it's covering was removed it revealed a inner beauty that literally stopped me in my tracks. 

No longer did this tree just get counted with the hundreds of others just like it; it became "the tree." 

Could it be that it is your time to remove the cloak and stand with your inner worth on display? You just may be surprised the impact that it could make.

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