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Bragging or Confidence?

I have the privilege to coach a running program where the goal is to encourage positive self image in girl’s through curriculum that promotes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.  Recently we dealt with the subject of having positive body image with a focus on inner beauty. The assignment had the girls celebrate things that described their inner beauty.  Some girls took off on the mission and completed it with ease while others struggled.  Both responses were to be expected; however there was one who seemed to be overly perplexed.  So finally she asked the question “Isn't this like bragging?”

It stopped me as I began to process my own thoughts.  I too, deep down, have felt that if I find any beauty or any strength in me then it means I lack humility. So went my response, “Bragging is building yourself up, often with the intent to tear others down.  Having a positive self image is becoming a confident person who is able to be kind and help others.” Whew, there it was.  The truth had been spoken from my lips which created a challenge.  I must now live according to the truth I spoke.

A positive self image truly does create confidence that allows one to be free to help and encourage others. There is freedom from the insecurities that cause wars within one’s self and with others.  There is strength that allows one to reach out into a misunderstood or unpopular situation without concern of losing popularity.  Then there is peace that allows one to live with purpose and be a catalyst of hope, and that my friend is BEAUTIFUL!


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  1. I like the way you defined bragging vs. positive self image! Makes a lot of sense that way!

    1. Thanks for taking a moment to read. The experience was a defining moment for me, and I am so happy it can be of use to others.