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When Life Gets Chaotic

When life gets chaotic, because we all know that it does, how do you respond?  Do you feel like pulling a blanket over your head and running in circles screaming at the top of your lungs? No?  You mean I am the only one that does that.  How embarrassing.

Chaos, also known as real life, can overwhelm us. So many factors affect our day to day; many of which we have no control over.  We do have control in how we respond; however when life comes at full speed with no break, even the most balanced person may respond inappropriately.  How many times have you heard a friend, colleague,  family member, or yourself say, “I need a vacation!”  In that statement what is realized is that a break is needed.    

Now look at this, a vacation is finally taken and ends.  Then you hear, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” Oh yeah, it happens.  The reality is that we can not escape life no matter where we go.    There will be demands of our time, conflicts to resolve, and other chaos to handle.  Life happens daily and waiting a year to take a 7 to 10 day “break” from the other 355-358 days of life doesn’t seem like a good ratio to me.

Instead of living for an extended break, I have found that having a continual accessible place of refreshing helps with life’s chaos and renews my spirit and creativity .  It gives me a new perspective on the daily demands of life, allows me to dream, and gives me strength to take steps to fulfill those dreams.

What refreshes you?  Is there a place you go to renew? In the next post I will share more about the place where refreshing happens.

In the chaos of life may you find peace,


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