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A Place of Refreshing

We know life gets chaotic and without a break, a time to refresh, we may give into the temptation to be short tempered, constantly frustrated, and a kill joy. With all the demands in our society, it is important we take time to ensure we are the friends, coworkers, parents, spouses, and people, we would like to be. I have found that a place of refreshing in the day to day routine goes a long way in relieving stress.  It offers a new perspective of a cleared mind and renewed spirit.
Here are a few must haves in that special place
  • You must enjoy the surroundings
  • There should be no demands of you in that place
  • It has to be easily accessible to you during the week
  • It shouldn't strain your family relationships.

For example, I go to a beautiful lot of farmland surrounded by wooded trails and open air that is within 5 minutes from my home.  I love open spaces and nature. There is no work for me there and my senses awaken. My family finds joy there as well.

Find a place you can go and be refreshed. You will be better equipped to handle life as it comes.

Get another perspective on rest!


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