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Live Like You Have Value

As I evaluate my own life and interact with others, I have learned that the worth we see in ourselves directly relates to how we lead our lives.  It impacts us in the relationships that we choose, the careers we pursue, the chances we take, and even the compliments we accept. So what is your worth?

Here is how I see it - There is only ONE you. That in itself makes you a rare find, and rarities are valuable.

Let's think about this in regards to family heirloom that is worth millions. How would you handle it? I hope that you wouldn't toss it aside unguarded, leaving it vulnerable to damage and devaluation, with no plans for its future. Instead, you'd care well for it. There would be a plan on how it will be passed down through the family. You may even encase it for safe display knowing that it must be protected.

Although we'd normally care well for an expensive possession, many times we toss our own personal worth aside leaving us unprotected against the mindsets, habits, and surroundings that diminish our value and leave us with no plan to reach our potential.  Why is this? Maybe we have forgotten that we have great value.

Let this be a reminder:
You are priceless. More precious than the most expensive heirloom. You are irreplaceable. 

In the words of Britt Nicole, in her song "Gold", you are worth more than gold.

Now let me encourage to you to live like you have great value because you do! 

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