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Simple Food and Decor

I enjoy occasional days spent in my home crafting, cooking, and decorating
Looking through magazines, Pintrest, or just scouring the internet for ideas sometimes takes me to a far away land where all of life is beautifully displayed. There is perfect food, perfect decor, and crafts that end perfectly each time. The land seems so relaxed and so at ease. I think to myself, I could stay for a while and enjoy all the eye catching surroundings. Then I wake and go off in attempt to create my own magazine worthy creations complete with the peaceful effortless environment that I just dreamed up in fairy tale land. My dream world abruptly turns to reality when I look around at a kitchen splattered with an array of ingredients that lead to a sink piled with dirty dishes. Let's not to even mention the craft table that is over run with odds and ends and projects that don't closely resemble the magazine pictures. This would be a good time for a cleaning service!

None the less I enjoy putting my hands to work in my home and I appreciate nice decor, mouth watering food, and crafty projects so I have just resolved to do it my way, the simple girl way. This means that if it has too many ingredients, too many steps, or is overly complicated I will leave it to the masters, or I'll get the main idea of the creation and see if I can adjust it to meet my guidelines of ease. This being said I have added three new pages to my blog - Crafts, Recipes, Decor.  My goal is to keep it simple and fun so you can enjoy the leisure of creating.

And there are many DIY decor projects coming your way ... I just have to finish them :)

Simply making the world beautiful,

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