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Defining Success

Success. It seems we all seek it, but do we really know what " it" is?

The word success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 

Great, we have a definition. Now we can all go on with our life finding much success. Well, except for one little problem. We need to know our aim or purpose and how we measure accomplishment. Geez, so much for a simple definition! 

Ok so success still needs to be personally defined filling in the blanks of what is to be accomplished and how it's measured. 

The blanks are left up to you. How will you fill them? Is it about finances, family, fitness, missions, service, legacy, relationships, or something even more personal? 

However you choose to fill your blanks I challenge you to do so with an honest knowledge of yourself, your passions, and your dreams. Doing this will allow you stand firm even when others doubt you. It will allow you to focus on the treasure of true success rather than the trinkets of the now.

One last thought. Success is personal and fulfilling. If you think you are on the path to success and find yourself empty, chances are YOU didn't fill in YOUR blanks with an honest knowledge of yourself. You may be chasing someone else's success only to find you never reach your own.

Define your success and live to the fullest!

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