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Every child has potential. Help us remove the soundtrack of defeat from the next generation.

Here's a revelation for you: 

One stands flawed and broken. Played both victim and offender and found neither offers much esteem to one’s self worth. 

Full of big dreams yet tamed by a mindset that speaks of one’s lack of potential. Living marked as an object that has been discounted. Doing tasks that merely resemble living yet never fully experiencing the freedom and excitement of thriving. 

Maybe this story is familiar to you. Maybe not, but there is one thing that I know. I don't want the next generation to live with the soundtrack of defeat which is why I am so passionate about The Cool Table. A place that believes that every kid has potential and can know victory and purpose. 

If this story was familiar for you, please hear this: You have potential. You have value. You were created for a purpose. 

If you believe that every kid has potential then join us. 

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