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Step out of the broken and into the restored.

That one, don't use her. She's damaged. Those are the thoughts that taunt me with regret and press me to fall into submission.

I mean what defense do I have. It's true. The damaged, broken, made a lot of wrong choices and carried a lot of shame girl is me.

     How could THAT girl possibly carry a message of hope?

     How could THAT girl possess anything of value?

     How could THAT girl move from shame to confidence?

Believe me, some days I sit sidelined trying to answer those very questions.

Then I remember that my story doesn't end with the taunting thoughts of worthlessness but rather the truth of who I am through the forgiveness and love of Jesus.

Don't you just love a good plot twist? I do because it means that my story no longer ends with brokenness. Instead, it goes a little like this:

That one. She may have been damaged, but she's not identified by her damage because she has been restored. So that one, use her. Because she knows what it's like to feel hopeless, use her to share a message of hope. Because she has looked for value in so many wrong places and knows it doesn't satisfy the soul, use her to point to things of real value. Because she has carried shame and then experienced the greatness of forgiveness, use her to show others the freedom forgiveness brings.

Now listen, don't think for one second that this starts and stops with me or that it is even all about me.

This is for you too. Maybe our shames and shortcomings are different, but the goal is the same. God wants to move you from the captivity of your past fears, failures, and regrets into a place where you can live confidently in His love.

Go ahead and find your plot twist. Step out of the broken and into the restored.

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