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Don't Hide. The World Needs You.

Many changes have come to my family over the last several months. The changes have brought new opportunities and awakened old fears. 

Surely there is no way to accomplish all that this current season of life demands of me. I will fail someone. I will miss some important detail. I will make mistakes. This truth makes me afraid and echos the voices that say "You are not enough." 

With this, I have found myself seeking a hiding spot. Somewhere I can go and be unnoticed. A place to blend with my surroundings. And from there, I will quietly do my tasks. 

Have you found yourself here before?  Then let's hear this together:

"Don't hide. The world needs YOU!"

Dear One of a Kind:

We, the world, need you. We aren't seeking perfection. We are seeking authenticity. We need your story. We need your talents. We need you to shine. 

The World

Go ahead.  Let this current season of life strip away all that shadows the inner beauty that you've been trying to hide. 

Need some encouragement to start? 
Check out this post to motivate you. 
Then enjoy this powerful song from Mercy Me.    

Use the comments section below to share how you will shine. 

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