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Could Finding the Perfect Why Be Wrong

Chances are if you have ever set out to accomplish a goal you've heard the phrase "define your why".

The why is the reason. It is the driving force behind the task. It's the thing that motivates you when the work gets hard and the momentum slows. In my mind, it's the magical unicorn that gives you power to bust through the obstacles and push on to success. 

I mean there is no greater recipe for victory than living with purpose, knowing why you're doing what you're doing, and having a magical unicorn. Nothing can stop you now, right?

Well ... maybe there is this one thing. I'm not sure how to say this, but we need to talk:

         "What did you say your 'why' was?"

         "Oh, you are still working on it? I see. You're trying to make sure it's
          important enough. That it's impressive. That people people who do not 
          know you and have nothing invested into your life will approve."

          "That makes sense. While you are trying to create the perfect 'why',
          the work you love sits untouched."

Okay so maybe that's a conversation I had with myself and pretending to have it with you makes me feel more sane, but let's not get side tracked here.

Somewhere in time we adopted the belief that what we do has to be important to the entire world. It has to be sexy. It has to have an edge. It has to get us noticed.

That's just not true. It doesn't have to be or do any of those things. 

We can simplify our why and the expectations that come with it. We can allow ourselves the freedom to chase a dream that we love simply because we love it. 

But will we? That's the question. 

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