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Help Bring The Children of DRC Home

(photo via Numbering Our Days)

When I came across the petition and news story about the children in the Democratic Republic of Congo who have been legally adopted yet not allowed to exit, passion and purpose stirred inside me.

These children have families ready to love them, see their potential, and give them a chance at a better life. These children, who others may have cast to the side, are desperately wanted by the families in America who wait. 

The idea of being wanted. Isn't it at the core of each us? When someone chooses us, it has the power to heal and open up a hope we may not have otherwise known. 

Being raised by a daddy who chose me and loves me with the depths of his being, I can say I have experienced the healing that being wanted brings.

Running Cool Table Ministries with the purpose of showing others that they have potential and a place to belong, I can say that I have seen what that hope can do. 

And now as I look to this story of hundreds of children who are waiting for the same healing and hope, I ask you to act. Be a part of their beautiful story. Read, sign, and share the petition.

Sign the petition here.

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