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Can't We All Just Disagree!

Our society has forgotten how to disagree. Or thinking back through history maybe it's a trait we have yet to learn. 

Either way, it's destructive. 

I know what you must be thinking. 'Hold the bus! Everywhere I look someone is arguing with someone about something.'

You're right! Agreements, fights, and full on assault of character spawn all around us. This is because we skip the simple idea of just disagreeing and escalate the situation well before it's needed. 

Many times this is occurring over petty things that truly have no bearing on our life whatsoever. I realize this could be a confusing concept if you've never been on social media, never read through the comment section of online articles, or never heard someone give an opinion of the local weatherman.

So let's take it one by one to get a better understanding.

I'll start with a social media rant ... "to the jerk on the interstate that just cut me off". (This is a mild one. There are so many rants to pull from) Ever read or typed those words? Maybe his actions were less than stellar. Maybe he was distracted. We'll never know the reason, but name calling doesn't solve the issue. 

How about online comments! I will not type some of the words that I have read, but it doesn't take long to find someone attacking other person's character because their opinions differ. Seriously does what food another person chooses to put in his or her body or what exercise one chooses to do affect us so drastically that we have to resort to belittling? If we were truly concerned for an individual we would create an audience with them in order to share our own ideas that we feel may benefit them. Just in case it isn't clear, insults will close doors. 

Or how about news articles! There is a tragedy. Then down in the comment section there's nonsense written about the families or persons involved. This is so not needed. Of course we can have our opinions, but voicing them is not always helpful. If we aren't helping, then chances are we're hurting. Let's not do that! 

Oh and then the weatherman(or woman). We all have jokes. But really what authority do we think he or she has over the weather? Truth is sometimes we are just looking for a reason to complain. Let's stop that too.

So disagree with others. It's good for you and them. But please do it in a way that when the disagreement is done both parties are still standing and better than when they began. 

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