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Responsibility addict.

Responsibility addict. That's me! 

I’ve known it for a while yet just recently did I admit it. Of course it wasn't on purpose. I’m too responsible to admit I have a problem, you know. After all, if I’m struggling who is holding the world together? 

Arrogance you might say. Yet for me I know better. It's actually deep passion for justice and service to others. It's about noticing everyone and trying to fix everything. Making the world a better place. Shining a light. 

All good things just seasoned with unrealistic goals.

So as I stood in my office adding a little beauty to my bookcases, I crumbled. This simple task that would normally bring me great joy and relieve stress did the opposite. I was frustrated. It wasn't working. My mind was in a thousand different places. I stopped mid-stream and questioned aloud why I couldn’t quite my mind and let go of things beyond my control. I blurted out that I felt like an addict and needed the serenity prayer. 

Then the truth set in. I am an addict, and responsibility is my drug. 

If you’re thinking, me too! Then good because I'm not alone. Since  we both know we can't stay here, let's journey out together. 

How you ask? Well, I obviously I haven’t done it, or I'd be writing a different post.

I have read about. I have talked with others about it.  I have gotten feedback, both solicited and unsolicited, on my own struggle.

Here is what I have gathered: 

We must set up boundaries. 
We must be realistic about what we personally can be responsible for.
We must allow ourselves incremental times to be refreshed and renewed. 
We must learn how to use the word no.
We must understand that the world does not rest on our shoulders. 

And personally for me, as I have made a choice to follow Christ in my life, I must understand that God has a plan and I must TRUST Him. 

What about you? Is there anything you’d add to the list? 

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