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Boundaries and Birthday Cake

So here it is .. random and off topic and yet so perfectly formed together by this crazy thing God is doing in my soul. Boundaries and birthday cake.

Okay, so I know these are two different things, but for me they just collided. Why? Because I have never known healthy boundaries in life nor have I known a healthy stopping point with birthday cake. I'm what some would call a people pleaser. I prefer being referred to as one with a servant heart; however, the former is the most accurate. I know this because I listen to the critics and encouragers alike and change my path to best suit them. Even when I have found my groove, I can be derailed by the opinions of others.  It's a constant change of direction. My intentions are sincere yet I get nowhere. I end up crashed into exhaustion unable to identify the remains of what may be me.

Now comes the birthday cake, and believe me, this is ridiculously silly. I was at a point in my life where my eating and fitness was on point. I felt great about where I was and didn't mind the dietary restrictions I set for myself. Then something happened. People began to talk and suggest things about my character. I read negativity on the internet (gasp...imagine) that further backed up what I was already hearing. The idea that I was over the top and thought I was too good for cake really began wearing on me. The breaking point was when I read something from a fitness professional that suggested that if you won't have cake on your birthday then you have gone too far. Then it was followed by a post that stated something to the idea that someone that strict should be slapped. That isn't even the ridiculous part. My response was. I quietly started to let my guard down with my diet. I began having my birthday cake and everyone else's too.

"Ahhh ... that's better. No one thinks I should be slapped now," I'd whisper to myself. Wrong! People still probably desire to pop my face every now and then because I've unknowingly offended them. I've given too much or too little. I smiled too brightly or looked too focused. So I didn't find the magic formula to please everyone all the time, but I did realize that my desire to "fit in" and to please others left me with a body, mind, and soul that was highly offended. It also left me with a ton of hard work to regain control of my diet and renew my strength. The acceptance of others in such a silly area of life couldn't compare with the awesomeness I felt when I was on point with who I was and what worked for me.

With that, this is what I wish to leave with you: know your boundaries. Do not give someone else the power to identify where you start and stop. Only the One who created you can fully and perfectly reveal that.

And listen, I'm not saying cake is bad. It's just TOO GOOD for me to know when to stop. So if it works for you EAT CAKE. If it doesn't EAT CHOCOLATE!

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