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The Ugly Mark That Healed The Soul.

This is a post that I wrote earlier this year after a baseball incident left me with an unsightly mark. A mark that eventually helped cleanse and heal a part of my soul:

Life is full of surprises and sometimes you get a black eye. Literally. Like me, for example. I was sitting at my son’s baseball game chatting with other parents. The first batter stepped up. Foul ball right over the fence. It was headed to a group of moms to my right. I turned and yelled “heads up!” The ball never fell. What! Where had it gone?

Smack! It smashed into my right cheekbone. Instead of taking the course it was on, the ball hit a light post, ricocheted off, and found me.  It all happened so fast. Never did I see that playing out in such a way.

The next day, I was one colorful mess. There was an obvious fail written all over my face.  I would have to leave the house and be seen in public. Everyone would see this blemish. Embarrassment set in. What would people think? Should I tell everyone I meet what happened just so there were no assumptions?

I went about my day. There were some stares, odd looks, and a few moments of discomfort. Then at the end of it, I realized I still did life. I overcome the need to explain my blemish to everyone. I settled into the day not concerned with what others may think. After all, I held the truth. If they were really concerned, they could easily ask.

This experience got me thinking about the moments in life that give us a black eye figuratively. A broken relationship, a lost opportunity, a dream that didn't come to pass. Many times these things blindside us. They leave their planned course and crash into un-expecting souls like us.

When we come out of the daze caused by impact, we feel the sting of pain. There is a blemish left on the heart. And many times as with a literal black eye; fail is written on the face.  

The questions are the same. Will anyone notice? Should I just tell everyone so there are no assumptions?

There may be a temptation to hide away, but here is truth. We are more self-conscious about our blemishes (fails) than most of the world. And those who are concerned and choose to make assumptions rather than asking for truth, well that is drama that you didn't need in your life away!  

In life there will be black eyes, but you get to choose how you will respond. Will you get up and live or will you run and hide?

Let me hear your stories! 


  1. This is priceless. I choose to live life as usual.

  2. One of the many reasons why I love you!