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Ever Been Questioned? Let It Make You Better Not Bitter.

You are wrong! The three words everyone longs to hear.

No? You don’t actually like those words. Whew! Me either nor does the majority of our society.  The evidence is everywhere. It is called the status quo. You do what the leader says and don’t ask questions.

We instill this in our children from an early age with the words “because I said so.” Then send them off to a place of learning where, if you are lucky, the routine agenda continues and everyone wants to be like everyone else.  

Then there is adulthood where most of us are stuck. Day in and day out the routine continues. The goal? To be on top. The problem? You have no idea what the top means and where it is for you. It’s when the status quo empties you that you start to question:  Who am I? Is there more to this life? Did I choose the right path? What do I believe and why?  

And yes questions mean that someone (quite possibly me) will be offended. It’s because your questioning is easily mistaken for those three little words used in the opening. You are wrong.

Don’t believe me? Parents, let your child question a decision you made or an instruction you gave. Employees, let your boss question your performance on your latest project. Leaders, let your team question your vision (ouch!). Wives, let your husbands ask what you did today.  Husbands, let your wife question the process of that DIY project that you’re doing.

Do you hear it yet? You are wrong! You are wrong! You are wrong!

And you thought this was a blog for encouragement.

Well here goes. The encouraging conversation I had with myself:
Stop hearing the questions as an attack, even if they are. Instead, be kind to listen. Be generous to explain. Be teachable, knowing you don’t have all the answers. Be brave enough to stand in the storm, and bold enough to fail. Be wise and choose your battles.  Be patient so that in time you may realize success. Be humble to admit fault and praise others often.

And then there was this last thing:
Stop hindering your children from questioning. Instead, take time to hear their heart and to share yours. Allow them room to discover the wonders of this life because coloring inside the lines is overrated. Allow them freedom to question and confirm their beliefs about themselves and God.  Then create a better story with your family. A story that tells of faith, adventure, and above all love.

A thought for you:
Jesus was questioned a lot. Many times with ill intention, but with every answer He was able to reveal more of Himself.  What a concept!

Will you join me in this challenge: When you’re questioned start hearing will you tell me a little more about yourself and your idea and stop hearing you are wrong!  

Comment below to let me know your joining! 

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