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Tension is the space between where I am and where you are, but how will we fill it?

In life there is tension, and it's inescapable.

It's the pull between the has been and will be, the known and the unknown, the right and the wrong; my reality and your reality.

This tension although wound tightly by our stances, is really an open space. It's a space that surely can divide us, but if handled correctly, I would like to suggest that it can also grow us; maybe in some ways even united us.

You see, this open space between where I am and where you are, gets to be filled by our choices. Now, we can pull away and go on believing that we have every answer and that every thought which comes to our mind is pure perfection. Don't act all modest now. I know that happens because, well, "me too." I've done it and still at times revert to continuing it. In doing so, we choose to fill our space with more tension.

There is another option, we can step forward and fill that space with conversation. Not just any conversation, but an intentional conversation that takes the time to see the value in others. A conversation sparked by love and a selfless agenda. One that begins and ends with respect. One that seeks out individuals whose reality isn't your reality and takes the time to listen to their stories without casting judgement.

And when we step forward, we find that the tension which once kept us apart has been transformed into a tether binding us together. (cheesy rhyme that just sort happened)

Let's wrap up with these two thoughts ...

First, maybe you are reading this and cheering me on becasue you think it is about time that someone sees you beyond whatever external barrier they have in which they stand and pass judgement on you. I understand. I've been there. Also, I apologize because I too have stood at that those external barriers and passed judgement on others. I hope today, you have been refreshed by knowing that there are people out there who are loving and will sit down to hear your story. Don't lose heart! Sometimes it takes us time to realize our fault.

Second, maybe you are reading this and are hanging in the balance of what you see as a moral or even faith dilemma. On one hand you want to love others, but on the other hand, you feel as though perhaps your loving others or  sitting down with those in which you disagree with is like acceptance of their wrong doings. I understand. It is a constant struggle I seem to face, but it has recently been combated with these thoughts that are guided by my faith: Love is my greatest obligation in carrying out my faith. Conversation and different perspectives shouldn't cause me fear or offense, but rather be a place of refining and solidifying my own beliefs while possibly gaining the opportunity to share the hope I have with others. ( If you'd like to learn more about where I have drawn my conclusion on these thoughts, you can find it here.)

So there you have it. Life is filled with tension. It's the space between where I am and where you are, but we get to choose how we fill that space.

Go and fill your space with goodness, growth, and understanding!

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